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Hi sweeties !

So I was back from the awesome Spa party by The Butterfly Project last Saturday . And I have a lot to share with you guys ! Guess what? I 'have tried my first ever manicure and pedicure treatment in the party and also met new friends and have a good time of exploring !

Want to know more about what's going on last Saturday ? Let's get started . 

The spa party was held in Posh! nail spa in TTDI . 
I went there by public transport from Genting Klang, Setapak. So , if you want to go by using public transport too but don't know how, here's a tips ! 
Wangsa Maju LRT station > Taman Bahagia LRT station > use "waze " apps > enter address :31, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 7, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur >hop on a cab and show him the way . 

And that's it ! 
So eazayy.

Ready for the party ?

spa party by The Butterfly Project

Laura and Illy in charging of the registration counter 

The Dress code of the spa party : bathrobe and slippers 
Did my last minute shopping one night before the party for the bathrobe. and Hiak Hiak . Luckily I found it at Cotton On and double luck some more . The bathrobes were on sale ! Hahaha. 

your chance to see me in bathrobe 

my super cute name tag ! 

I arrived pretty early but I was too shy to walk in so I went to walk around with boyfie before entering .
and I'm the 10th comer. 
Welcome gifts and redeemable coupon for each station. 
The coupons is nicely decorated too! I actually wanted to bring it home to keep cause it's just way too cute ! 
Met Grace and Chocky too ! New friends ! weehee 
The charming and energetic Grace ! *oops . the photo is over exposure a bit. 
Chocky - lovely and who can always pose perfectly .

Collaborators of the awesome party . 

Pinkish and purplish - theme of the party. Decorated with love by Tres Chic- The party planner

Food sponsors of the day : Good Friends Cafe

When I was wondering around before the party started. Good Friends Cafe was busying preparing their food and desserts. 
Aww . Look at those macaroons !! Sweet and delicate. 
Raspberry Macaroons 

It doesn't only look nice . They taste GREAT ! yummy and delicious . The macaroons are not the same with the others I 'have tried before. Macaroons I tried before are just too sweet for me. too much of sugar oops.hurts my teeth some how. BUT ! Good Friend Cafe's macaroons is just nice that makes me want to cry AWWWWWWW. 

next on !

Tamarind Prawn in a spoon. Looks cute right ? Sorry to make you mouth-watering at this moment hahaha. 
Look at this baby ! 
Featuring you seaweed spicy tuna on cucumber. 

Fried organic tofu . comes with sauce. that you can dip and om nom nom. yum
Mini Lemongrass Chicken Sliders with beetroot burger bun 

and a photo of me before having this little thingy 


Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese ! 
I can remember the cupcakes' name until now cause they are just too Yummehh !!
Way too yummy !!! You can see that it's way too yummy that Im too busy feeding myself with the cupcakes till forgot to take many many photo of em . 
Seriously . The cream cheese on top will make your heart melt *tears. double thumbs up 

Aww. I want a birthday cake like this. Big one thank you.  you heard that boyfie?

homemade Ice lemon tea. so heart warming <3 
Pretty jar makes all look great and even makes the drink taste a little more better !
The drink is great by itself already hehe. 

My favourite among all . 
Red Velvet Cupcakes and Macaroons

om nom om nom nom . 
and of course ! A big round of applause to Yee Fong and Lee Boon Huan for preparing all this great yum yum at the party for us ! 
(photo credit to Laura )
Wondering where to visit them ?
Check out their Facebook page !
 Good Friends cafe Facebook page 

Went for pedicure after having some of the food. 
colors for your lovely toes 
Hannah preparing to pamper me haha !
My first time ever pedicure *excited 
Ahh.. temperature is just nice <3 
I never trim my nails since.... weeks ago ? cough. *ashamed. 
scrub scrub
lotion lotion 
wash wash 
and painty painty my nails <3 !

I chose pink that can match with my bathrobe HAHAHA.
After I have my nail done, time for the speeches and Pinknproper's fashion runway 

Tammy the bunny giving welcome and thank you speech 
Owner of Pink n Proper giving brief introduction .
For your information , Pink n Proper brings their clothings all the way from UK just for you ! or if you see something nice on the website but it is based in UK. you can also ask them to help ! :) They'll settle it for you! how sweet. Now you can always shop things you want even it's from UK and you don't know how ! 

Featuring PinknProper's Spring/ Summer collection .
*Too crowded for me to take good photos . sorry peeps 
Chenzy looking so much like a glamorous celebrity.

Prom collection
haven't even up on website yet ! Take a glance first *wink

spotted your favorite piece? 

and available in Plus size too !

Check their Facebook and website for new updates !

Tried on this piece after the show. 
so princess-ish

The prizes ! Too bad I'm too into the party and din't realize time flies so fast that I forgot to enter the contest ! 
maybe I'll have some luck mah . 
Photo with Tammy the bunny and Chocky ! 
Bath scrub DIY station 
did my own bath scrub !
didn't know it'll be so easy ! you can even simply do it at home . 
labeling my name on the container 
and yeap done ! ready to scrub ! 

Went on to manicure 

Tralala Manicure station 
Processing pretty nails 

tadaa ! spot my pastel-ish purple with the bling bling nail !

Gotten my mask from TT mask station !
various mask with different function to match your skin best ! available in checkered design with different colours ! 

Prize giving ceremony . was not giving attention hehe . Congratulations all the lucky one . I know the gifts are awesome yo !


Camwhore instead

Talking of camwhore.
 A huge thank you to fotobox  for providing the awesome photo taking place prepared by funky and cute props ! 
the props (photo credit to Tammy ) 
Photo booth ! (photo credit to Tammy too ! ) 
Taking the photos ! 
Managed to take two only . 
Should have take MORE !
hehe. actually two also is just nice 

o yup ! when you take photo with fotobox , it'll send a copy to your email too so that you can directly upload it to social medias like Facebook or Instagram hehe. Fotobox why you understand girls so muchh !  

Massage and facial by Aspen Spa 
We can try either massage or facial . So I chose facial with Chocky 

my face got smaller and tighter after the facial ! now regret for not taking a before after pic . My face really got smaller by one size kayy and tighter ! I repeat ! ONE SIZE !
BY THE WAY ! The products they used are organic based. helps to detoxify and improve blood circulation. 

I'd love to visit back ! Wanna try massage ! My back is hurting like hell *sob

Tadaa ! Sweet and friendly staff ! 

and All The Girls went home happily with goodies bag !

The goodie bag is sponsored by Pink n Proper . 
(River Island shopping tote bags all the way from UK) 
Thanks to Only Beauty for the goodies too

O yeap girls . I brought home one helium balloon as souvenir HEHE. 

Thanks The Butterfly Project and everyone for the Party enjoyed and had fun !

Till then ! 
with love. Bingxin

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  1. Hey, your pictures & post are getting better by the day <3

    Looking forward for your next post!

  2. I like ur skin so much!white and shine..any suggestion how u can maintain ur skin like this?
    is look nice to be there.

    1. Actually it's still have freckles around my cheek bone . BUT ! I just have to say. Fairy White is awesome and it works good on me . Maybe you can have a try too ;D !

  3. Oh my, the skin spa party looks really nice! ^__^ You look like you had a great time!

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  4. nice and sweet post about the spa party! Glad that you had fun and love your drooling picture of the burger! :P


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