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Hi sweeties !  It is June already ! I'm starting my June in a sweet and happy way. Let's see why.(smirk )
The last Saturday, I went to Fairy Beauty Workshop. I was tempted by their small logo , stating " See magical results in 4 Weeks ". For your information, I'm now suffering from some minor acne problem .OKAY. maybe a bit serious.  But this is a mood killing factor every time I see myself in the mirror . and sometimes refuse to have a closer look at my face. I know right. I once have an pure egg skin but.. due to stress from studying, bad lifestyle habits. All the problem had came into my life. *cry on table . But I see hope now ! * wipe tears wipe tears

poster that caught my attention 

And here comes the Happy Workshop day ! I didn't manage to take a lot of photos because I were a bit shy and awkward HAHA. okay. But luckily I met Laura . A friendly, helpful and cool girl . Helped me through the event by giving me useful tips . aww. heart warming.  

My experience in Fairy Beauty workshop 
Guardians of Nature and Beauty. 

Introducing you... *drums rolling....

 Jiang !!! Fairy WHITEZ and Fairy BLOSSOM  !

Wondering what can they perform magic on you ? 
Here are the Benefits for both ( I have chosen five out of 10 )  : 
Fairy Blossom
Develop Fullness and plumpness of the breasts. 
    Firming and uplifting of sagging breasts. 

Enhance vitality and energy

Alleviate pre-menstrual tension and menstrual problem

Improve bone and joint health

Fairy Whitez : 
Firming and uplifting the skin

Restore skin elasticity and tighten skin pores .

Prevent the development of ACNE !

Anti-under eye dark circles .

Encourage hair to grow thicker and promote healthy nails !

Here's a full version of how they work .

AWWWW!!! Fairy Whitez is so suitable for college / Uni students struggling to finish their studies / assignment before deadline like you and me ! Can I call it as Anti Stress Symptom Products ?! 

Of course, You might have to be doubting the safeness of Fairy's supplements . No worries dearies ! 
Fairy beauty's products are natural based product which is formulated from New Zealand and is manufactured in Malaysia ! They are also certified from Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia and safety tested. 
Besides, They have also bought a 2 Million insurance . hiak hiak . Getting less worried and wanting to try or not ?
You can get more details from their website HERE  .

inside of the Fairy Blossom box. 
inside of Fairy WHITEZ box .
the two cute bottles 
size of the bottle compared to a 20 / 50 cens coin. 

You can order their products from their website or Caring Pharmacy, AEON Wellness Pharmacy , Farmasi Alpha , and independent pharmacies nationwide.
It'll also be available in Watsons and Sasa in JULY ! 

Photos from the workshop 
MYoga, where the workshop held. The place is so comfy and it provides classes like yoga, zumba , belly dance and many more ! Myoga website || MYoga's facebook 

Speaker explaining both their products to bloggers. 

Testimonials from satisfying clients 
Ambassador of Fairy Beauty -- MayJune, sharing her experience with Fairy Whitez and Fairy Blossom 
Tze ai , She is actually 3# years old (Age is a woman's secret) and she looks so young and energetic ! 
Arien is happy with the results of both Fairy Blossom and Whitez ! Cheers.

Photo of me and Laura 
Photo of me and MayJune. I have EXACTLY no talent in posing *slap . ahh. it's okay. for your entertainment . HAHAHA.

Bag of goodies I'hv got. So generous of Fairy Beauty for giving the bloggers one month supply of Fairy's products ! Thank you (put love) . and thank you MYoga + Bridal Trend. hehe. 

Can't wait to share with you my results of taking these ! Wait for my review post sweeties !  Can't wait to see the magic ! yay! 

And lastly .. 

A Big Warm Thanks to the boyfie ! ❤ For patiently waiting endlessly for me ! *hug.  (ps. I went to the workshop + had my hair treatment in number 76 saloon that day. IMAGINE how many hours he needed to wait . ) . HEHEHE. Thank you so much ! 

Till then ! 

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  1. Awww...such loving guy he is. Did you touch up our picture? Cause I can't see my pimples ;-p

    1. Hehe. Nope. But my camera has soft skin mood that makes skin looks fabulous haha. self cheating. yes .


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