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In the previous Philips KeraShine workshop , I have brought back the products to try it on my own !
And I have tried it out myself and also asked one friend of mine to come and try out this awesome product. 

What is so amazing about the products ?

1. infused with keratin - ceramic coating with Keratin infusion 
2. Ions - Shine and condition with ionic care . 
3. Products from trusted brand - Philips. 

Most hair care range include ions now, but Keratin infusion ? 
that's a whole new thing for me 
I have heard of Keratin infusion using hair products like hair mask , conditioner , shampoo etc 
but never from a hair styling product. 
So I was pretty excited to try out how it will actually works out ! 

Philips Dryer HP8216 

Blow out your hair in style while keeping your hair from harm 
                                       - Keratin infusion to protect your hair 
                                       -ionic care for shiny , frizz - free hair 
                                       -1600W for gentle drying 
                                       - Less over- heating with Even Heat Distribution ( EHD ) technology 
                                       - ThermoProtect temperature setting 
                                       - Three Flexible settings for more control 
                                       -Cool hair setting 

Does it work ?

The hair dryer that I previously used is also from Philips , hair dryer HP 8215 ionic care
And only switched to the latest hair dryer after I got it. 
Got the previous one cause I got a lot of good comments after doing my research on it online 
The previous one does reduce frizziness of my hair and I was quite satisfied with it compared to a normal hair dryer . 
But after trying out the KeraShine Hair Dryer , 
it brings my hair to a whole new level . 
It reduces frizziness of my hair if I blow dry my hair using a comb 
and leave a silky feeling on my hair. 
Providing radiant shine and I do fell a certain amount of bouncy ness left on my hair ! 

The bronze coating in the dryer's wind output is actually the plate infused with keratin yo ! 


next up 

I have invited my friend 
to come and try 
cause I know she will straighten her hair everyday to make sure they look tidy 
See if this is the perfect straightener for her 

Hair before straightening 

Alexa has frizzy hair like mine and her hair is dry after dip dying 

Philips KeraShine Straightener HP8316/00 

Isn't that easy ?

Tips for straightening 
                                                      - comb your hair before straightening 
                                                      - stop 10 seconds for each part that you are stopping
                                                          ( but perform it smoothly ! ) 

You might think that all straighteners work the same 
and we have tested it out with her daily straightener and 
look at the result ! 
the ceramic coating with keratin infusion on the plate and ionic care 
does their job 
notice that hair on the left is less frizzy compared to the right . 
and the left is shinier than the right side . 

Before and after photo 
with Philip Kerashine Straightener 

Philips Straightener HP8316

The extra wide plates are designed to straighten thick , long hair with a silky smooth finish . 
-Keratin infused ceramic plates 
-ionic care for shiny , frizz-free hair 
-210 degree celcius heat temperature 
-60 sec heat - up time
-Auto shut-off function 
- Extra wide plates (47mm x 75mm ) 
- Swivel cord +universal volatge 

Make your hair lively with Philips Heated styler HP8632

Alexa's comment

The plate heats up real quick and with the combination of wide plates , 
it saves up a lot of straightening time where I normally take 15 to 20 min to straighten my hair now reduced to within 10 mins ! 
Straightening effect looks more moisturized than normal hair straightener and the is more long lasting !
Hair looks less frizzier than eva ~ 

Classmate asked if I went to saloon today after I straighten my hair with philip's straightener . 

**She bought one after trying at my place **
officially switching straightener 

Next up 
will be me curling with Philips Heated Styler ! 

Hi peeps 
took these series of photo in the midnight so pardon me 

The very unique feature of this curler ! 
It equipped with a retractable brush . 
the brush enable easy curling because the brush will help to hold hair 

easy to use ! 

Changed clothes to let you girls have a better look of my hair haha. 

Philips Heated Styler HP8632

Create soft waves and glamouraous volume without damaging your hair 
-ceramic coating with keratin infusion to protect your hair 
- Ionic Care for shiny, frizz free hair 
- 45mm barrel for soft waves and volume 
- Retractable bristles for safe hair release 
- two temperature settings for long-lasting results  


It can be quite confuse to use at first but once you 
practice enough it is like the most convenient tool ever ! 
yay for easy curling ! 
and not to forget it protects your hair while heat styling .


Well I have tried them for almost a month and I love the results they perform . 
This is the kind of product you want if you love styling your hair daily but afraid of hair damage 
purrrfect solution 

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