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Bought some masks and stuff during Hari Raya. I love festives A LOT ! LOL. Festives = time to shop A LOT for me .hehe . not to mention Etude house was also having a 'Buy one Free one ' sales . So FESTIVES ! maybe write about what I bought eh ? 

Oh okay. Back to topic! 
I have tried one of the mask I bought which is
Annie's way , Lavender relaxing jelly mask ! 
here's my thought 

Lavender Relaxing Jelly Mask 

Jelly mask 

Steps to apply : 
1. wash your face with your cleanser 
2. apply toner ! ( helps your face to absorb the mask) 
3. Apply the mask on your face 0.3-0.5 thick 
4. wait for 30 minutes and shave it out with the applier ( can scrub away blackheads and whiteheads as they will be soften by jelly mask !) 
5. Use tissue to wipe off the remaining mask 

 Tips ( can apply on any jelly mask ) 
apply toner - mask - pour toner into mask sheet and apply , this will enhance the effect of absorbing out the black heads and white heads , so that you can easily kick them off your face after applying Jelly mask ! 
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My thoughts : 

I'm so SO in love with the scent ! When i apply the mask on my face , the lavender scent of the mask is so relaxing and soothing and i JUST CANT STOP SNIFFING ! The lavender scent smells natural which makes me like it so much . 

I used it while I'm rushing my assignment, haha , to find the balance point between stressed and relax . 
About the function ! well, the mask does pull off some of my whiteheads , and make my job of squeezing out the heads easier. 

Would I repurchase it  ? : YES ! mainly because of the lavender scent. 

Have you tried this before? If so , what is your thought?! do share with me ! 

9 comments on " [Review] Annie's way - Lavender relaxing jelly mask "
  1. I tried the honey one before and it's the first time trying out a jelly mask. Felt a little weird had to scrape the jelly off, dunno if I can get used to that haha. But the mask was very moisturizing ^^

    1. I was not used to it at first but later , I like them because they are so cool and it'll always brighten up my face ! especially the epure one !

    2. Interesting, maybe I just need to get used to it ^^ nice review btw :)

  2. I haven't heard of this brand :D I should try it one day! Where to get them?

    1. randomly bump into this brand at "Mask slim" They sell them in jars but I bought packet one to try first to make sure I really like it hehe.

  3. First time hearing this brand, jelly mask are my fav.! Btw, where have u got it?


    1. Got it in "Mask Slim " they have a facebook page too actually, search Mask slim and you'll get it *wink :D

  4. Incredible!!! I didn't know this product!! Great review!



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