Tansan experience in Number 76 saloon !

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YEAAH.. So I went to a japanese hair saloon - Number 76 saloon, some of you guys may be familiar hehe. 


My scalp was very itchy and my hair was like dropping every single second. for almost A MONTH .
and I cannot take it any more . So , I have decided to look for a treatment and have a try.to at least make my hair more presentable a bit. * cough . cause I don't know how to tidy up my hair . 
Tie pony tail also is a tough core for me * cough cough . and most of the time. when you see me in school or in anywhere. You will see my hair in a mess. hahahaa. Yea.. and \ this is an issue for me and I'll sharpen my skill or learn something to settle my hair down hehe. (hopefully in this coming sem break ) 
O yeap. For your information , this is my first time keeping my hair long and I assume I cannot take care of my hair is normal for a first timer like me *arhem..*bang wall 
And the story begins..

I Browsed over internet, looking for a treatment that suits me , a way that can solve my problem. 
Went to number 76 saloon web page.
Found this Tansan treatment which is a NEW SERVICE added by number 76 saloon.
it states that it can helps sclap's circulation. 
How can I resist to try after seeing this two. haha.ok. enough

I went to their branch in Mid Valley and have my hair treated. 
I was so happy to see  what can they to do my hair ! (from all positive comments from the internet) 
Well, I made an appointment through their website . Number 76 saloon
and.. READY TO GO ! 
was a bit nervous because I'have never been there before but boyfie accompanied me along !  make me feel more normal haha. 
--and skip all those description for the saloon--. But in short, the saloon is real comfy and nicely decorated ! The staff are all friendly and helpful . It shocks me and made me think of how previous saloon I went is. and it take me quite a while . and I can hardly remember a thing ! haha ( the last time I went for hair saloon was like..about a year ago ? HAHA. want to keep my hair long ma )  A sweet girl staff still explained to me what is and how it works for the treatment i picked. TANSAN || sparkling scalp experience i guess?Then when she wash my hair and wash it or soak it? with tansan water?. I feel warmness on my scalp haha. Then she told me that , some people will feel the same if their scalp is not clean or lack of blood circulation. hahaThe warmness is so good and super comfy. weehee.She showed me the water after washing my hair 

which is quite gross if you know whats in the water, my scalp dead cells . dandruff and unknown unknown things .teehee. and magically after my treatment , i mean several hours after treatment. My scalp doesn't feel greasy and itchy as I was actually do ! WOOTS. this is a great one if you have your scalp problem like me weehee. 

And Im planning to dye my hair sooner or later haha . But still wondering. 
ending my post with a picture of me and le boyfie which is taken after scalp treatment so you cannot see any differences ! haha. and errmm.. I did this treatment back in 30 or 31 March hahahaha. 

make your appointment with them . They still have a promotion for tansan until the end of April I think . haha. 

till then !

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